Design review: Nonprofit Starter Website Designs

CLIENT: Creative Freedom Inc.

Time for your honest feedback.

01 - Start here

Current Phase: Website Design Review

Helpful Feedback/Notes:

  • Overall Impressions: Initial thoughts on the look and feel of the designs.
  • Functionality: Comments on how well the website functions in terms of navigation, ease of use, and accessibility.
  • Content Placement: Feedback on the arrangement of text, images, and other elements.
    • Is all website content accounted for? (i.e. are any pages or major sections of content missing?) The point of this question is to ensure we have designed space for every piece/type of content you will need to include on the website.
  • Visual Appeal: Opinions on the color scheme, typography, and overall aesthetics.
  • Layout: Suggestions on the structure and organization of the website, including the arrangement of sections and the flow of information.
  • Content/Design Questions: Any specific questions or uncertainties you have about particular content elements or design choices, including clarity, relevance, and potential improvements.

Not Necessary/Helpful at This Point:

  • Minor Typographical Errors: Focus on the overall design rather than small text errors that can be corrected later.
  • Specific Content Changes: Avoid detailed feedback on content that might be placeholder text at this stage.
  • Browser/Device-Specific Issues: Broad functionality feedback is useful, but specific technical issues can be addressed in later testing phases.
  • Personal Preferences: General feedback is more useful than subjective preferences unless they significantly impact user experience.
  • Final Touches: Detailed comments on minor design tweaks that can be adjusted during the final refinement stage.
  1. Account setup: When you first click on the design, press “C” on the keyboard. A popup should appear that prompts you to create a Figma account. You’ll just need to provide your email address and a password to create an account.
  2. View options: review the designs on the largest screen you have available. Use keyboard key “F” to enter fullscreen view-mode, and press “ESC” to exit.
  3. Navigating the designs: when your mouse is hovering over the design, you can use the scroll wheel to navigate up and down the page, just like a real website. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between pages. Finally, you can click the menu links and some buttons in the design to navigate from page to page.
  4. Leaving comments:
    1. Open the “comment” tool: first click anywhere within the design space, then press “C” on your keyboard. You will see a sidebar appear, and your cursor will now be replaced with a comment icon. Press “V” on the keyboard to toggle back to the “Select” tool (useful for clicking on button or menu links.)
    2. Click on the part of the design you want to leave a comment (i.e. a specific image) – a blue comment icon will appear and you can type out your comment.
    3. Save/submit your comment: please be sure to hit “ENTER” on your keyboard or click the blue upward facing arrow to submit your comment. If the comment was successfully posted, it should now appear in the sidebar list.
  5. Submit your notes! To notify the Springwave team that you are done leaving notes/feedback for this stage of the process, press the “I’m done!” button below the design window. This will alert our team that the designs are ready for their next steps.
Keyboard shortcut quick-review:
					"F" - Open Fullscreen view (ESC to exit.)
"C" - open comment tool
"V" - "select" tool, used to interact/click on elements in the design
RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys - use to navigate between pages
Mouse SCROLL - move up and down the pages

02 - review your designs

03 - tell us when you're done!